For years, startup companies and entrepreneurs relied on private sources of capital (as opposed to public equity markets) for the capital needed to scale their companies and take them to the next level. Thanks to the power of the blockchain, we now have decentralized systems that offer tremendous opportunities and radical transparency for everyone willing to participate.

Subzero is designed to operate as a decentralized venture capital (DVC) organization, in which token holders can participate in all aspects of the Subzero blockchain economy (SUB-Econ.). The SUB-Econ is initially focused on Avalanche L1 activity, though in order to achieve maximum awareness may branch to other chains eg. through treasury investments.

The immediate focus, is on the utility of the SUB token for retail trading, liquidity and utility-related purposes. Revenue from these channels will be distributed to SUB holders who stake their tokens via the Freezer.* The protocol will also seek to create equity positions in viable subsidiary and third-party projects through the Treasury Investment Fund (TIF). As this pool of assets grows, governance will be maintained with the ZSHARE token in the form of a DAO vote for substantial capital deployment.

It is our vision that future development will not be limited to the immediate Subzero team and we will look to increase community participation and expand the network of connected projects that add utility to the SUB token.

This is the current project roadmap:

* All crypto investments are highly speculative in nature. Return on investment is not guaranteed or implied and the protocol should be considered highly experimental for these reasons. Tokens are not appropriate for, or to be offered to, investors residing in the United States and many other countries, based on local laws. Where practical, we will IP-restrict access to services.

However, in the event that profit is generated, a share will continue to be returned to holders through Subzero buybacks and the Freezer. Tokens deposited into the Freezer Rewards contract are distributed over time to ABZERO holders and this is reflected via the index (ratio of ABZERO to SUB tokens).

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