How to Buy Subzero

Before we are able to make our Subzero (SUB) purchase, we first need to transfer AVAX into our wallet from any centralized exchange (CEX) supporting AVAX.
Lets use Binance as an example.
  • Make sure you have Avalanche tokens (AVAX) in your Binance wallet, if not, purchase AVAX on Binance.
  • Go to your wallet, look for AVAX and click on Withdraw.
  • Copy/Paste your Metamask Avalanche C-chain wallet address.
  • Please choose the Avalanche (AVAX C-chain) and insert the amount you want to send to your Metamask AVAX wallet.
  • Please note there is a small transaction fee for transferring AVAX from your Binance wallet to your Metamask AVAX wallet.
Once you have succeeded in transferring AVAX into your Metamask wallet, please go to and click "BUY SUBZERO" which will take you to
While you're there you may want to buy some USDC/ZShare as well to make an LP pair for farming.
If your desired tokens do not show up on the exchange, you can paste the addresses provided below to purchase the tokens. Simply copy/paste the address.
SUB: 0xA0105D7fc6190598523f568001A71164341b0A22
ZSHARE: 0xF5b1A0d66856CBF5627b0105714a7E8a89977349
USDC: 0xB97EF9Ef8734C71904D8002F8b6Bc66Dd9c48a6E
Congratulations, you are now a happy SUB or ZSHARE holder. Let's now provide liquidity.